Wednesday, August 19, 2009

trukiss goes karaoke!!!

so yeah, last night i went karaokeing with a student at school who used to be an h!p fan and my gf(kissy) XD

she has all singles from morning coffee to souda! we're alive!

it's cool cuz the karaoke place had some MM songs... but i think their lates MM song is Go Girl~ Koi no Victory, which i sang and danced to solo cuz the student had no idea XD

it was kinda crazy... but lot's of fun

she said i'm 'very high-tension'


cuz i just danced to all songs XD

sucks they didn't have sakuragumi or otomegumi songs... i woulda killed those XD

she liked do it! now (which i did twice cuz i love it so much)... i told her 'shame on you, you didn't but that single~'


i did cherry and get wild too XD i make her sing the latter verses cuz i don't know them cuz ishiyoshi didn't sing them... i did the cherry's first part quite perfectly, even if i was just second guessing the lyrics XD i only sang the syllables i thought ishiyoshi sang XD

i have no idea XD


when we sang happy summer wedding i only sang the 4th gen parts XD

damn she has nakazawa's monologue memorized XD

ooh, we sang the peace! and mr. moonlight which we both borked XD

lol we did really old songs too and boyband songs XD

no arashi though... dunno why

and of course our last song was, Love Machine

ha~ i'm glad the other students chose not to join us... had there been more of them there i'd be too embarrassed to be as wild as i was yesterday XD

after that, i brought her and my gf to a really nice filipino restaurant


she liked the food! so it's all cool

we had lamb adobo, gambas al ajilo, bamboo rice and ube with macapuno V(^_^)V

some of my students are very picky with food so i was a bit nervous

lol we talked in a crazy mix of english japanese and filipino XD

she said i spoke japanese like a chinese person XD

i think that's cuz most of my sentences ended with 'ne?'


lol she said me and my gf (but she thinks my gf is my bestfriend) are a good combi XD

so i was like 'mitai ishiyoshi~, ne?'

and she was like 'yeah'



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