Saturday, July 11, 2015

Revisiting the Past

I recently checked out the Runaway from the Past thread on JPH!P and found that it has been almost 5 years since I last posted an update on the fic.

I decided to read it from the start and it was fun.

I found myself to be a grammar criminal against humanity and began correcting what I had written.

It was a very different time when I wrote that story and I am slightly different from the person who wrote it.

I want to re-tell it as I am now but I think it is too tedious of a task to undertake especially now that I am in school again.

I might post the corrected and slightly revised version when I'm satisfied with it. I don't know.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Recent turn of events...

So... THAT happened.

In honesty, I was a little worried that it would never happen and our little theories in this corner of the world would be confirmed as truth. Worried??? Yes. I had a part of me expecting this to happen eventually because they ARE Japanese. I actually expected the other one to come out with a relationship(which wasn't what we wish it would be) to ultimately kill speculation on her orientation. I felt that the pressure was greater on her than on the one who actually broke all our hearts. But this was bound to happen. After all, one had categorically denied it already. For all we know, our speculation could have caused a rift between them or something. (Not US necessarily, because who the hell cares what WE think, but just this group of people who are wishing for IY to be true.)

Now, does this mean I'm disowning this belief I have of them? Not really. It was great when it was going on and we all had fun going through it all as audience. I don't know if any of it was true for any or both of them and I don't think it matters. Nor does it matter if I hold it as true.

I met great friends from going through that "phase" of fandom, learned lots of things. I regret nothing, even the silliest, most childish, craziest things I've done.

I don't know if there is anymore 1444 anything to come out of this place. I have not done anything 1444 in a very long while. But I'm keeping this up for as long as the site lets me stay here. This is a fun part of my life and I'd like to visit it as it always is.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Morning Musume on the Map

wow Greater Tokyo.

I tried to pinpoint as closely as possible the towns/cities our favorite idol group members are from but some wiki pages don't indicate that information. So I just got the prefectures down.

It was fun making this and pretty informative.

I like how messy Tokyo-Saitama-Kanagawa looks.

I also noticed that there aren't any members from Shikoku (the pink island) and that they only got a member from Tohoku at 10th gen (Masaki Sato). At first I was surprised that Kansai seemed under-represented but then I realized and was further surprised that none of them were from Osaka.

I'm thinking of making more infographics because Visual Aid Japan's (the one on wikipedia) on the transformation of Morning Musume  is so cool. Lemme put it here too:

ISN'T THAT FUCKING COOL!?!? the colors~

I recently compiled basic data on Morning Musume like their birthdays and blood types. Not really important things. But still fun to put together.

I was also looking through their discography but I thought making an infographic on that would be depressing especially when it comes to sales.  

Sunday, January 20, 2013

RANT. not IshiYoshi


It's so annoying when people talk about singers' voices on a record.

People, there are producers and singing coaches involved in the process.

They decide if the voice is good enough.

They decide how loud one singer is going to be. We're in the age of digital recording.

They apply modulation effects, to suit what they think is necessary.

When you are under a big label, there are professionals who can manipulate everything on the record.

You might be using the wrong headphones/earphones/speakers.

If the singer sucks live, then that's the singer's fault.

But to accuse singers of not knowing how to properly do things on a professionally recorded record (haha redundancy) is just full on assery.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

whether you like it, or you like it, you will like it

I'm down for this one if they go!

help us southeast asians see IshiYoshi in the flesh in Thailand!

Like the photo in the link above!

--edit: sorry, i can't be down... album release is too close to the date ;_;