Friday, February 8, 2013

Morning Musume on the Map

wow Greater Tokyo.

I tried to pinpoint as closely as possible the towns/cities our favorite idol group members are from but some wiki pages don't indicate that information. So I just got the prefectures down.

It was fun making this and pretty informative.

I like how messy Tokyo-Saitama-Kanagawa looks.

I also noticed that there aren't any members from Shikoku (the pink island) and that they only got a member from Tohoku at 10th gen (Masaki Sato). At first I was surprised that Kansai seemed under-represented but then I realized and was further surprised that none of them were from Osaka.

I'm thinking of making more infographics because Visual Aid Japan's (the one on wikipedia) on the transformation of Morning Musume  is so cool. Lemme put it here too:

ISN'T THAT FUCKING COOL!?!? the colors~

I recently compiled basic data on Morning Musume like their birthdays and blood types. Not really important things. But still fun to put together.

I was also looking through their discography but I thought making an infographic on that would be depressing especially when it comes to sales.  


Tomos Burton said...

Nice map! I'm a Morning Musume fan from the UK here!

Anonymous said...

dear いしよし,

thank you for loving my work!
I'd love to see your works more and more!

visualizer x