Tuesday, August 18, 2009

oke oke

IshiYoshi moments!!!!!!


so yeah... SO AWESOME TOO!!
i just snicker and scream whenever i see this^
possible ishiyoshi moment^ ... i'm not so sure about it since the version that i dL'd turned out sucky TT___TT
i love this part... the choreography looked nice XD so sexxxy ishiyoshi...
but i just have to say that RIKA IS TEH SEXXX
that dance is like 'TT'
and i had this convo with somebody about the performance:
tru_harmony: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQmbaxrEFSU
tru_harmony: [15:17] <+tru_harmony> look at yossui's face around 2:40-2:43
tru_harmony: i totally died watching this XD
tru_harmony: i love the song now XD
tru_harmony: rika is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexxxy with her hair
tru_harmony: XD
tru_harmony: tru_harmony huggggz imaginary rika and touches her inappropriately
****: SO HAWT!
tru_harmony: lol
] tru_harmony: see?
tru_harmony: it ressurected me XD
****: hoi~!
****: <333333
****: thank you!! it ressurected me too~
tru_harmony: it's the most awesome thing XD
****: nanchatte renai~~~~~
tru_harmony: i love the song now
****: lol
tru_harmony: rika was teh sexxx XD
****: XDD indeed
tru_harmony: no wonder yossui kept looking at her like that XD
****: XD
tru_harmony: if i were yossui, you people wouldn't see rika on stage XD
****: LOL!!
tru_harmony: XD
tru_harmony: tru_harmony organizes all dirty thoughts
****: LOL
tru_harmony: sucks i cant' write fics anymore
tru_harmony: XD
tru_harmony: i scream everytime i watch that part where yossui looks at rika XD
****: hahahahaha
tru_harmony: my sister was all like 'huh? what happened to you?'
****: lol
tru_harmony: rika does the dance thing soooooo sexxxily
lol, i just noticed that the person i was talking to didn't really say much except lol and hahaha

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