Saturday, August 15, 2009

some old stuff... shame on you, tru

i'm in the boondocks today so i had sometime to watch and watch and watch my ishiyoshi video stash again and noticed somethings i didn't notice before or stuff i noticed before but didn't post... of course these are stuff i found on my own... so yeah

some time ago, someone was asking me how we ishiyoshi people find the littlest details in video clips and photos... as if there was a technique for it... really, there isn't... things just show up whenever and even i can't expalain how they come to me... maybe, one thing that is important to note in my own case is that i combine my 'education' and my experience and it's nice to know that the prod people of hello morning of so long ago did too

so... this set pic isn't unfamiliar to you all... we've all seen this in picture and in video clip... and for some, they hold this as firm proof to ishiyoshi

this set of pictures is firm proof that the prod people, by 2005, know when to cut scenes from footage... notice how rika just 'magically' moves from the middle of the crowding musumes to the side, far away from someone whom seemed like she was about to hug... you gotta watch the video to be sure of this XD

dun dun dun~


but also, here, we see a subversive yossui XD

old stuff, i know but it tells some stuff ... i don't know if this was coincidence and i sure hope it isn't... the subtitles helped here very much. thanks to subbing teams ^_^
seriously, i think THE PEACE is their theme song XD


Carol said...

Yossi does in her actions that shows us something.. Rika is usually the Looker.. If you ever noticed, I did see alot.. of looks rika always gives Yossi... And its definitely in her graduation episode too, It was during they round up before singing the peace... I think Rika 's hand is underneath Yossi's , and look at the way she looks at yossi for a second smiling happily. You dont see her looking at others like that... it was a glance but it was a special glance O.o! maybe i am imagining it But maybe not too! oh and u surely can see that kind of look on rika on some other ishiyoshi photo as well.. for example.. during a sport fest (im not sure what year) while everybody is looking infront.. obviously concentrating on something being announced.. rika was throwing the exact look she did on her graduation the peace round up cheer and yossy noticed, and looked back and smile like the way she did in Utadoki Cherry. Oh and recently in Music Station OG+morning musume nanchatte renai + renai revolution medley.. as usual somehow yossi is always placed near rika.. and whenever they have a choreography where they turn sideways.. not a direct 90 degrees more like 80 degrees.. rika seem to be turning 90 degrees towards and looking yossi and yossi is always turning exactly 80 degrees towards camera or audience etc.. but yossi obviously know someone is looking at her and just switch her attention to rika and smile like.. i know thats not a normal smile.... that happened twice... on different position but same choreography. Now that looks like fate that they are always ask to do such choreography . and It pleases the Fans i suppose. Like me for example =) they is always give each other the sparkly smile. =) check it out @ 2:57 (u have to pay attention to rika's mouth.. as u cant see her the way the camera is shooting.. then u see yossi's response and at 3:11 , it may not be very clear.. but u can see yossi just like before.. tilt just a little(very little!) to look at rika, but u can see rika is always turning all the way 90 degrees. Wonder which one is the correct choreography eh...

Carol said...

sry the link youtube i gave u is a little unclear. there should be a HD version of it in youtube posted by someone else.. where u can really see rika's mouth.. usually by the shape of the mouth is.. u can tell if someone is smiling or what ever.

tru_harmony said...

i saw that clip too i wanted to cap it but my internet is so slow atm that i can't DL the vid but yeah

i love it when they think the camera isn't on them XD

those moments from the vid actually made me like the song…

I also love the fact that since they’re the ‘partners’ from fourth gen (W being the other partnership) it’s like natural that they be placed together…

… hmm I should watch that again, I think the scene I caught is different from what you saw XD

I’mma cap it and post it here when my internet is better so that everyone will see

HD version

I even pimped the shizz on #jph!p @ spacetronix

01[15:15] <+tru_harmony> yo ***!
[15:15] <+***_> sup lol
01[15:15] <+tru_harmony> nm... trying to ishiyoshi in the boondocks
01[15:16] <+tru_harmony> i found something XD
01[15:16] <+tru_harmony> not really big or anything just amusing
[15:16] <+***_> oh yeah?
01[15:17] <+tru_harmony>
01[15:17] <+tru_harmony> look at yossui's face around 2:40-2:43
[15:17] <+***_> woah when was this!?
01[15:18] <+tru_harmony> just this week, i think
[15:18] <+***_> oh wait this was in their recent blogs wasn't it?
01[15:18] <+tru_harmony> yeah
01[15:18] <+tru_harmony> yossui totally smiled at rika XD
01[15:18] <+tru_harmony> i dunno... i just noticed
01[15:18] <+tru_harmony> <3

Miki IV said...

I do not know if that counts.... But I noticed another sudden smile Yossi at 00:37 of the performance in Music Station. Greetings Tru!

tru_harmony said...

whether anyone notices stuff or not, as long as it happened, of course it counts!

The copy that I dL’d of the performance is kinda borked so I didn’t see that

So thanks!

I’ll dL a fresh copy and investigate on the matter XD

greets to you too, Miki IV!!!

IshiYoshi Rules!!!