Saturday, April 25, 2009

other random things...

gonna be going back to the boondocks in an hour or so...

yesterday, me and one of the brethren were talking... and i was like 'i want to see ishiyoshi on tv together again... h&a isn't doing it so much for me anymore'

you know, cuz the backstory does involve some kind of gayness so, me being the naive-boondocks-residing-person tha i am, is a bit effy on authenticity...

from what i've gathered... YXZW says she is really what she appeared on the shows and whatnot in the past... but what other answer can we expect? i mean, i don't see her telling the people right in their faces that it's all put on and artificial... it'd be worse than us telling her our thoughts XD

okay so i'm sounding quite a bit skeptical, ne? makes me even more crazy... XD

so i've been reading and hearing opposing views on this...

okay i'll write the premises of this whole shenanigan (these are things that have been said in the span of 8 years... i don't think these are not subject to change but yeah.. i think a lot of these we've heard or read somewhere sometime):

YXZW said she really has boyish manners (sakuracon)
she's been called a guy a number of times (fun)
she addressed herself as 'ore' some time ago (i forgot where)
she's called herself a 'guy' (haroparty_
there have been many instances that she's been described like an old man... a geezer (fun,H!M)
according to IXKW she's into cutesy things (this doesn't necessarily oppose the first premise... it's just cute to write that here XD) (sakuracon)
some have mentioned in the past that she is really girly in person (i forgot where)
she wanted to get into a 'cute' role in the skits in 2004 (H!M)
she's aiming to be more kawaii for this year (DVD mag)
one person i've talked to said that she thinks yossui is a good actress (this was on the radioshow that i lost the recording of XD)
IXYX have also said that putting on a different character before going on stage comes naturally to them... (sakuracon)

is the world really a stage?

lol this is so one-sided... i know i lot of you know that already XD

but yeah... i've been thinking a bit about this... specially now that i'm a bum...

the faith never fades though... this whole thing makes me even believe shizz more... haha


Woof said...

About Yossie being a good actor. At Sakuracon she looked really f'n suprised when we sang happy bday to her... yet, according to people, the happy bday part of the concert was in their rehearsals.. hmmmm..

tru_harmony said...

yeah... i was told that too... and i kinda gave my thoughts on that some posts ago... that maybe she didn't know when the song would come up... because she knew people know her birthday and it would be utterly impolite not to sing the happy birthday song to her with the band and rika there to do it... so i'm still giving her the benefit of the doubt... not sure about what others think though... because i can see where their view is coming from... there's evidence that the thing might be staged and this evidence seems to be more credible than yossui's reaction to the surprise...

but in the context of the whole post and my ishiyoshi faith... all i think of is how far some people would go to protect the people that they love... everything is just a sign that points to something else... XD i think this makes me the crazy paranoid fan i are XD...

welcome here, wolf, thanks for the visit ^_^