Saturday, April 25, 2009


i was re-reading this one thread, right?

it's a thread i haven't visited in a while... then i saw a post entry that i kinda liked cuz it kinda agreed with some shizz i was saying here a while back...

turns out, it's my post! hahaha

i'm so bad at paying attention that i didn't notice that someone posted a response... haha

i dunno... sometimes i feel that people don't get what i want to say...


i feel like i have to explain that one cuz i feel misinterpreted XD haha

anyway.... since it's been such a long time since that one, i doubt anyone will remember... i didn't until i saw my own post XD

i didn't even know i have posted anything XD haha i'm bad at forums XD

sorry those waiting for the episode this past week... i had so maintenance work with my computer yesterday... uploading now...

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