Tuesday, April 28, 2009

why not?


why do i not understand what is going on?

if you do not understand what i'm talking about, please go on about your business, sorry for the bother...

i you know what i'm talking about, seriously slap me hard on the face

because you know what i am unintentionally doing...


i've tried stopping trying to prove myself to you and went back to how i do things the way i really do

don't think that you understand people just because you find them predictable and mundane

i'm not gonna claim that i understand you because i don't.

i don't understand anything

but if it's anything to you, you're right about one thing


does that make you feel better?

i say what i want to say and do what i want to do in places where i am told that i am free to do what i want

i don't spend all day looking for these things

they spontaneously come to me

if you find that criminally strange, i'm sorry. i don't ever want to offend you. EVER

but i still end up doing that whatever i do, right?

but YOU tell me that i should do things and not think about others.

you should know that i used to always put YOU first in everything i do online.


whether they talk aloud online or not. if they just watch and read and wait for me to fall on my face for the things that i say and do

that's how i find it easier to talk about them: by linking them to me and my experiences... like 'do they go out in parks and ride bikes together?' yossui rides a bike... we saw pics of that a while back... anyway...

is that evil?

who told you to read my stuff anyway. you visit here only to tell me that the last post is for me

you don't need to do that, you know? cuz like some people, i'm that paranoid to think that whenever you're shooting someone down, it's me



i speak elsewhere with the blessings of the authorities, sometimes, even with the request of the authorities

you don't see me posting much elsewhere anymore, right?

more than anyone, i've always thought of you first before posting

you're god. sure.

you've decided to keep your distance from me. and after much begging, i gave up.

leave me alone.

because i'm so tired of watching my step for you cuz no one else pays attention and i'm fine with that.

it's better than reading from someone i've looked up to for so long all this:

MAJOR EDIT: damn, that's my holy number too... and you know this, right? coincidence your foot.

FOOTA. (so... okay, sad became mad during the edit...)

my name is on the left side of every post. it's quite easy to see. once you see it, just look away


just look away

save yourself

i always tell myself that you've made me cry for the last time only to find out later that it's not the last time.

i'm not an ishiyoshi fan because of all these coincedences. the point there is that i just see them everywhere... as in ISHIYOSHI IS EVERYWHERE!

i don't think other people think the way you do cuz i've been told by some that at the very least they're amused by what i say. i don't need people to take me seriously. cuz now, i rarely am.

people by now know what kind of blog this is. it sure isn't like yours. if they want news, i'll gladly redirect them to your place. oh wait, almost everyone who goes to my place goes to yours too.

i'm sorry because i don't see things as mundane routine. i'm sorry because i give weight to coincidence. i'm sorry because i'm not logical like you.

i'm sorry that i commute at least 2 hours whenever i do and i see all these things.

i'm sorry that i noticed that yossui played a guitar which is a similar model to mine

i'm sorry that i'm trying to reach out to other people and i give them smiles for silly things that will never contribute to ishiyoshi fandom as much as your posts.

i'm sorry because i wasn't the person you wanted me to be.

i'm sorry because i thought i couldn't piss you off and i believed you when you said you are rarely moved by anything.

i'm sorry to myself that i ever likened you to yossui.

i'm so sorry you can't read my brain.

oh wait, i don't have one.

that should tell you something

as i said, people know what i have here, and they visit me nonetheless... i can't really post much information since i can't repost, right? i'm obedient. and annoying. and i warned you.

i can't translate shit... and at my best attempt, you got mad at me. check your irc logs. sure the attempt itself wasnt the cause. it was my insane glee and enthusiasm to tell you that i did get that news with the KY socks. i remember. i just go blah blah blah, right?

this ends here.

and even if it's morning here, i think it's my turn to say this to you:

< tru_harmony>good night
*tru_harmony Quit (IshiYoshi prevails)

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