Saturday, February 26, 2011

What I really miss...

I really miss the time when the most important thing in my life was IshiYoshi-ing

cuz i do have to admit that right now, there's just so much happening in my life and that i barely have the time to even check JPH!P for anything on either Rika or Yossy or both. whatever happened to 2ch or hatena or those uploaders??? OR OUR OWN FORUM!?!?!?! WTF?!?!?!

I feel like I've lost the anticipation for anything and instead of waiting for things to drop and i'll catch it before it hits the ground, now i just wait for it to drop to the ground, roll on the floor and find its way to my feet.

i'm not the same hopeful as i was two or three years back. and i kinda miss being that person.

i would get into arguments with my girlfriend because the ishiyoshi-fake-kiss-incident was more important than anything that's happening in our own actual lives.

at that time, i didn't really care so much about other people's time and attention and acceptance

i didn't care that they didn't understand the stuff that i did.

I was always so excited and jumpy about IshiYoshi...

but it's like that person got buried in real life drama, politics and shit...


i am kinda sick of this "real life" thing

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Yankii Heart said...

You are not the only one boss, believe me ;___;
I feel the same...