Friday, February 4, 2011

must be a coincidence...

so yesterday, we saw this blog post pic from Ishikawa-san:
It's very easy to say that it is a coincidence.

In fact, I would say it IS a coincidence.Pretty much how everything about us and around us is a coincidence.

Maybe you guys don't think about it this way... but because i am a crazy person i think like:

"isn't is amazing how you were born as who you are and everything that has happened in your life has led you to this point of reading this crazy blog post by a crazy person that you probably wouldn't be reading had you done ONE thing or a some things that would have led to a totally different result?

that's how i see this whole thing... the amazing thing isn't simply that coincidences happen... it's that from an infinitely variable set of possibilities, brought upon us by infinitely variable causes, such a coincidence can happen.

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