Monday, January 4, 2010

What do you guys think about Yossui's 'I'm Prince Charming' remark?

minimally grammatically corrected and shortened from JPH!P (translation was by Google translate):

Ishikawa: "I certainly want to get married, but I'm still waiting for Prince Charming."

Yoshizawa: "I am Prince Charming ah!"

I just wanna 'hear'/read what you guys think

If you can translate it better for us, please do...


Anonymous said...

connect these:

oujisama to yuki no yoru (Prince and the Snowy Night)- rika mentions on an h!m christmas special (the one that had some guy, a comedian, as a guest) as an ideal christmas moment (or something like that)

yossy pretending to be Snow White in an h!m skit (fairy tale land series)


to that

An said...


If this doesn't OBVIOUSLY state to people that there's something *fishy* going on between Rika and Yossie, then I don't know WHAT ever will. (except, maybe a sneaky Friday photograph of them making out in a random shopping mall dressing room xD).

*is in heaven*

At least, we know that Yossie secretly desires to be her Prince Charming, ne?

This IshiYoshi disciple will never give up so long as she lives!