Monday, August 10, 2009

what makes you an ishiyoshi fan?

some of you might have noticed a tone of self-doubt from me about being an ishiyoshi fan

we do so many different things (prolly as fans)

buy stuff
write stuff
play stuff
talk about stuff
watch stuff
keep silent about stuff
post stuff
upload stuff
just stuff

so... i wanna ask you all:

what makes you positively an IshiYoshi fan?


Carol said...

I decided and is learning Japanese right now because of them. I think this is a positive one right.

Yankii Heart said...

Could be that I can imagine one without the other XD

I know that my heart of hearts would like them to even procreate... something anatomically impossible... but still, one can always dream, ne?

I think that if it was 14 or 44 with someone else it would not be the same, that's for sure.

But with them it comes natural to think of the possibility of a relationship other than friendship... and even if it was just friendship, their interaction is realy nice to see, aside morbid fascination.

Well, you make Yankii (*more) random than she is XD

tru_harmony said...


In all my lifelessness, ishiyoshi affected me so much more than most of the people in my vicinity.

IshiYoshi makes me think positive, and makes me try to exert 100% effort

Like to me, it would be hard to get IshiYoshi out of my system because I’ve kinda ingrained them into me… Like my ‘connect-anything-to-IshiYoshi’ tendencies

Don’t get me wrong about that… I know it’s a very silly and superficial past-time but it helps me not get bored with the life of an ESL teacher, guitarist, wannabe Cassanova… etc…


In line with Yankii’s thought… (I think)

It’s like whenever I see one of them, the thought of the other just pops into my head like with that bagel thing from Gokigenyou XD

So yah… I think XD