Monday, August 10, 2009

funny day at work

so yeah, i lost a student but gained two for today...

anyway... why not let out a bad rant while i'm online, ne?

the funny thing about this 'need' for ishiyoshi is that it isn't really innate

don't look at me as if you don't know what i'm talking about

this craving for news has a source and unfortunately, once it's started, you just crave and crave

and then, you just get so unlucky...

that i'm here

i'm not as gifted... and i have to struggle to try to make up for stuff lost

i'm trying hard

language isn't just given to people, isn't it?

but yeah...

we do our work...

tru does what tru does...

we ain't alone... it's just that everyone else just wants to watch

and it's sad that my job is taking so much of my time and energy

but i try to know

m(_ _)m

and i'll try to let you all know

once i can, i will

there isn't anything going on... there's no need for us to talk about them

no need to tell anyone how we feel about them

no need to tell anyone how we feel

but we still do

pinaka-ayoko, yung mga nagpapa-asa

kahit kailan

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