Sunday, August 30, 2009

tru ponders about: being a more-on-the-ishi fan

so yeah...

i pimp RikaAss allover and sometimes, speak with a hint of *insert whatever negative hooplah you can think of here* against yossui

so i look back, to this convo i've had with one of the brethren before:

one: hm... more on the 14 side or 44 side? xD
yours tru_ly:14
yours tru_ly:44 is crowded
one: hahaha im part of that crowd xDD
yours tru_ly: lol
yours tru_ly: being a yossui fan would leave me vulnerable to being a yomiki or whatever yo fan
one: hm... thinking about it... thats exactly what happened to me.. .. .
yours tru_ly: coz yossui will have to be awesome whoever's paired with her
one: ahhh, i see what your getting at xDD whoaa, i see what you mean
one: your wise, tru, wiseeee =]

that's a good rationalization, isn't it?

but that was something i observed in a lot of the forums

rika doesn't have as many fans as yossui... hence... our population 'crisis' XD

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