Thursday, August 27, 2009

this shizznit that rika and mari were promoting... that yoshitaka amano (why the hell couldn't it be a different yoshi? a yoshi i know likes to do graffiti ... that's art too, isn't it?)
so this DJ JUMBO yoshiaki nakamura (why can't it be our yoshi?! all these other yoshi~~s are pissing me off) apparently went there prolly for promos and shizz

the dude said rika is insanely cute

dunno about you guys, but i definitely agree with him

i dunno, as i observed with my students in school,most of them differentiate sexy from cute very sharply

but rika is both sexy and cute

but most of them classify her as cute

prolly cuz they remember her from MM

1 comment:

jen said...

lol~i want our yossi too~
if u ask me i will say RIKA IS INSANELY SEXY AND CUTE!!!!