Wednesday, April 15, 2009


me and my girl went out yesterday... we went to a park...

it's like an hour away from my house XD

anyway, we did a lot of dorky things there... like, we rented bikes and sort of rode around the park together...

i am now officially a shade darker... cuz the sun just hated us the whole time... really...

anyway... after an hour... we returned the bikes and sat down in the park... well, not really just sat down... we played XD

as in seesaws and swings XD

she looked so happy... so i'm happy too XD

i wonder: if they're really them, do they do dorky things together too? like kick kids out of the playground so they can play XD


after the whole park thing, we went to the mall for lunch... we had ramen and teppan don

then we had our ears pierced!

so cute... we wear identical studs now... i have mine on the left and she has hers on the right...


i was asking her if i can pull a yossui (like at least 3 piercings in 1 ear)

she didnt say anything... hmmm


uh... for the older people who visit this place: do you like having your ears bitten? XD

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