Tuesday, April 14, 2009


okay... thanks to the link sender XD i finally heard the new single~! WOOOO!!

anyway... although it really is a good song, for some reason, i prefer the old single... the guitars were overwhelming the vocals, imho... or it could be my speakers XD

as a lot of people have said: falsetto WOO!


i think that the song is a surprise... not that yossui didn't know that it would be sung but that she didn't know it would be sung then and there...

like she was told "oh, you guys do this song and then blah... and after all that, they'll sing you a happy birthday cuz... oh yeah, it's your birthday... and then you'll do blah..." and then they (rika and everyone else) didn't follow the "plan" so yossui was surprised that it happened like that XD

but that's my guess... i'm just to crazy to think otherwise XD

lol... i grew up in the tradition that you expect people to sing to you the happy birthday song on your birthday... so i doubt she was surprised that they sang that song at all XD

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