Friday, April 3, 2009

watch til the end!

watch it to the end... i think there's a message from heaven there!!!


Yankii Heart said...


Flirting dolls!!!... Y___Y that would be as close as them flirting for real XDDDDD!!

tru_harmony said...


i wonder what them folks cut out... there was a cut, ne?

i can only hope that it was even more flirting...

i was 'KYA~'ing the whole time...

Angry sounded tired... and at the end, the thing that i thought hAngry was doing was like 'i'll give you rest...'

and i died!!!

and died!

and died!!!!

(i sneezed consecutively XD)

man... it's times like these that i lvoe dying...

i bet they each have a pair of those dolls at home and they sleep cuddling 'each other' XD

of course, i'm crazy... again... like always... whenever i'm in the boondocks... XD



it made me forget about that horrible sakura-con commercial

Yankii Heart said...


yeah! She sounded tired!...

Still, so cute and oh so Ishiyoshi of them to take care of the other when one of them is tired!! =)