Monday, April 13, 2009

I wonder which... XD

thanks to Rickee of H!O

Q: What do you do before concert?

Rika: I write [some Japanese character, couldn't make what she said] on my hand 3 times, then I hug hAngry.
Yossie: I just hope that the audience enjoys the show.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the "human" character. It's a part of the Japanese culture. That's what they do to counter nervousness. Guess Rika gets nervous before concerts..

Other MM members have mentioned doing the same thing. I think Sayu and Eri do it as well? Or was it Reina? They mentioned it in Sayu's radio show if I remember correctly...

Ah~ sometimes ignorance is bliss. >_<

tru_harmony said...

lol... i kinda figured that kanji-eating ceremony XD...

my question really is: which hangry is angry referring too?

there are two or three i can think of at the moment...

i wonder which hangry is she hugging???

i'd really love to know if it's the 'human' playing the character XD (excuse the lame pun please)

ignorance may indeed be bliss but the imagination sometimes runs wild like a crazy ishiyoshi fan XD

wings4dreams said...

I think she means Hangry/Yossy, because when she said that she hugs Hangry, she kinda showed it by doing a sort of panimine (sp?) of the action with her arms toward Yossy. *melts*

tru_harmony said...


hug before performing!!! XD or so we think XD

*melts too*

i dunno how often i'll be writing this in my lifetime (i hope i write it til i die or soemthing):