Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sakuracon Activities, i think...

2枚目,4/10,12:30-14:30,Autographs 4B,Hangry & Angry Autographs
5枚目,4/11,18:00-19:00,Main Stage 4A,Myuji / Hangry & Angry Concert Seating
5枚目,4/11,19:00-21:00,Main Stage 4A,Myuji / Hangry & Angry Concert
6枚目,4/11,18:00-19:00,Autographs 4B,Myuji / Hangry & Angry Concert Lineup
9枚目,4/12,14:00-16:00,Panels 1 6C,Hangry & Angry Q&A

will there be some japanese wotas flying to the states for this?

anyway, so that's the shizz...

hey folks, ask on the Q&A what yossui would wish for her birthday! ... but then that's not a H&A kind of question...

we'll post again the shizz that no one else posts again!!!!!!

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