Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's everywhere!

[12:40 PM] My grand dad used to make his own cigarettes
[12:40 PM] rika dislikes cinnamon
[12:41 PM] lol... my abuello tambien XD
[12:41 PM] XD.. well something in common then
[12:41 PM] XD
[12:42 PM] we're both ishiyoshi fans who smoke and have abuellos who made their own cigarettes
[12:42 PM] ... but they do not smoke and at least one dislikes cinnamon XD
[12:43 PM] lol
[12:43 PM] wasn't there speculation that yossui smokes too?
[12:44 PM] yeah the freaking photo with some girl wotas
[12:44 PM] haha
[12:44 PM] wouldn't it be cool if we were smoking out in a parking lot and she comes out to join us?
[12:44 PM] KYA~!
[12:45 PM] TOTALLYYY!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:45 PM] and we could talk about girls, yuri and rika
[12:45 PM] XD
[12:45 PM] Like she would come and ask, do you have a lighter
[12:45 PM] XD
[12:46 PM] man... i better have my zippo ready...
[12:46 PM] she'll see and say it's kakkoi!
[12:46 PM] I want a zippo
[12:46 PM] it's expensive, ne?
[12:47 PM] i just inherited mine from my pops
[12:47 PM] I just saw one with a Marilyn design
[12:47 PM] oooh
[12:47 PM] yeah...
[12:47 PM] O___O!
[12:47 PM] I only inherited my liking from books from my dad XD
[12:47 PM] marilyn monroe = rika-chan!
[12:47 PM] liking of books
[12:47 PM] i think i also inherited the liking of girls
[12:47 PM] and encyclopedias
[12:47 PM] XD
[12:48 PM] Marilyn Monroe = Rika = Aisu Cream to My Pudding XDD
[12:48 PM] XDDDD
[12:48 PM] also from H!M: monroe ishikawa
[12:48 PM] XD
[12:49 PM] yossui was john travolta
[12:49 PM] and rika was there as monroe ishikawa

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