Monday, February 9, 2009


I know some of you are waiting for an audiolog update but... HERE WE GO!

Ayaka: I have big news! BIG NEWS!

Yossui: ???

Ayaka: We are going to level up!

Yossui: Reveruppu???

Ayaka: Level UP! ^

Yossui: ??? *shrugs*

(refer to Ayaka's surprise English lessons: What is your favorite food? Yossui Episode)

Level up means: LIVE RADIO SHOW!!!!!

yes, i have decided to take ISHIYOSHI audio broadcasting to a new level by starting my own IshiYoshi radioshow at JPH!P radio!

i have yet to choose a proper timeslot because i know we ishiyoshi fans are dispersed in different timezones. but as soon as i decide on a timeslot/s, you will hear it from me first!

And I, THE tru_harmony, YOUR IshiYoshi hopeful, will be ishiyoshi-ing to you live!

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