Monday, January 12, 2009

translation phail! >< haha

132 Name: Looking for名無SHI. 。 . 。 . [] 投稿日:2009/01/11(日) 21:28:38.41 O [] Date: 2009/01/11 (Sunday) 21:28:38.41 O あの時君は若かったのコーナーPart2、MCはまこと吉澤 That is when you corner a young Part2, MC and Yoshizawa HAMAKO (まこと)<それではこちらをどうぞ
(Truth) Here Now (会議室の一角みたいなとこで自己紹介する加入直後の石川に右ひな壇お祭り騒ぎ(保田小川松浦石川)、隣に辻も見切れ (Ishikawa shivaree HINA壇right to join after the man to introduce themselves in some kind of meeting rooms
(Ishikawa Matsuura Ogawa Yasuda), Tsuji見切RE the next 武道館コンでの初MC映像、タンポポ? Gong MC in the first video Budokan, dandelion? について語る石川、三人祭PV撮影で衣装紹介する石川、 Ishikawa said, the festival introduces three dresses in Ishikawa PV shooting この間吉澤ずっとスクリーン眺めてニヤニヤ)
Yoshizawa, grinning all the way during this time looking at the screen)
(Yoshizawa) Wow! Ishikawa Rika-chan, the picture could well do you know me
(laughter customers)
(Ishikawa) What was it about 15 years. 今までこのコーナーでみんな恥ずかしい恥ずかしい言ってじゃないですか It is not shameful or embarrassing to say so far everyone in this corner でも私はみなさんご存知の通り自分大好きだから大丈夫かと思ってたんですけどやっぱり恥ずかしいです
(客笑い) You are embarrassing me, but I was still thinking it's okay to love yourself as you know
(laughter customers)
(Yoshizawa) that it was cute いまはなんか口調や後輩への態度とかがおばちゃんみたいになっちゃって
(客笑い) Now I was like her aunt or the tone and attitude to the younger players, things like
(laughter customers)
(石川)<あと今日の昼の時があやちゃんであやちゃんにかわいかったねって言ったんですよ (Ishikawa) said YANDEAYACHANNIKAWAIKATTANETTE I figure that's the time of day to day 今あやちゃんに
「(松浦)<梨華ちゃんもかわいかったよ」って言われました(客大笑い) Now in her figure "(Matsuura) Rika-chan and I cute" I was told (stitches customers)
(Yoshizawa)?'s Devotion?
(Reality) is that when you are still young enough and called young あと幼い中にもやはり目力がありましたね
(客拍手) It was also second in power after age
(applause customers)

=== note: i don't know which MC is this... i have not heard the whole recording yet... because i don't do somethings... like... ... things...

what i can make out od this whole glob of text:

apparently, there was a pic of someone on screen and some else just could stop grinning while looking at it

i am begging for help in translating texts...

my head is bleeding from trying to interpret this thing...

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