Monday, September 22, 2008

moment of insanity

there's this awesome, awesome fellow (appears to be one of the brethren) who posted something on something rika-chan said yesterday in

街なか感謝デー「まちなかフットサル with 音楽ガッタス in グランドプラザ」 【日時】2008年9月21日(日)10:00~16:00【会場】  グランドプラザ(富山市)

allegedly, she said that the kind of guy/s she likes is 'good at sports, likes baseball, caring' but also '男女問わず' (Man and woman alike, accdg to Google translate)

i remember that show where she sang in french (with a very kawaii~ accent, btw) where she said that she likes 'guys' that are tall, dependable, good at sports and not a Giant's fan'

1+1+1+1 = 4

... do we know anybody who's all that?

well, almost... except the baseball part... you fail, yossui... tsk tsk... well, she could be a closet baseball fan... or rika's influenced her already into liking baseball... if that is the case... WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I'm the queen of France! LOLZ

no... if that's the case, well...

BINGO!!!!! almost straight out of the horse's mouth... ALMOST!!! LOLZ

we have a winner...

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