Saturday, August 30, 2008

resuming the insanity... before it's too late!

~ I~found~her~!!!

after hours of procrastinating with my thesis, i finally found Michiru! LOLZ
the pic ain't as cool as Haruka's but it will do...

EDIT: i just remembered, when the series was shown here, i was in elementary btw, and they dubbed it into Filipino... and S. Neptune's special move was 'Deep Submerge' while S. Uranus had 'Worlds Shaking'
This Michiru can 'Deep Submerge!' me anytime but I'm pretty sure our resident Haruka here would 'Worlds Shaking' her better... LOLZ

sigh... do we have a live version of this?
i think i'm becoming a part of the wota hoarde... but with this... i have to say, i am a wotaku... LOL

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