Saturday, October 2, 2010

lols of casual ishiyoshiing now

i recently just remembered that i've always been the only ones to take rules (and other imaginary things) seriously

anyway, i think it's great that some people are reposting information on public places now... cuz a lot of those things, i have never seen ... or i've just forgotten... XD

i dunno, i think i just got to that point of not being curious enough to look things up myself, direct sources or otherwise, except on JPH!P

maybe i burned out... meh... whatever... that's not too important, ne?

so... yeah... for those who still haven't heard (even though i pretty much say it everywhere), i'm an english tutor to japanese people and it's very interesting... the things i learn from them

japanese culture straight from japanese people... in simple english

and then i realize that a lot of the assumptions i've made and were imposed upon me aren't necessarily true for many or most japanese

like how 'un' is more commonly used than 'hai' to say 'yes' to your peers. usually 'hai' is for responding to people senior to you (agewise or else) or to strangers

... hmmmm....


Anonymous said...

i kno you is more of rika fan but this blog have some info that interesting to read...
maybe info is not correct but some ideas...
they are a yossy fan but they sometime talk "jphip" too

but this blog people see yossie at sydney and write more stuff.

read and tell do you like?

tru_harmony said...

lilcazza (the author of that blog) is a friend of mine and we keep in touch regularly

being in this fandom for sometime, i've learned just respect what people post

what people say doesn't need to tell much about what they are talking about... cuz words we say only really show things about ourselves...

i didn't spend so much time reading her report... i'll just die of envy and jealousy... but i'm happy that she has seen yossy in person

i like the blog cuz i like cazza