Friday, August 20, 2010

i had some chuckles today reading what some people had to say about something i'm truly guilty of, talking about our favorite coupling too much

but believe me, at that time in my life, that compulsion was the only thing that drove me to do anything

it's funny how to read now

but when i boarded the boards and the ships, they were saying too much too

and they were saying too much against IshiYoshi.

i won't blame my "youth". i was old enough to use the internet, i should be old enough to handle all those things. i should've been old enough to stay away from those boards, but i didn't.

if i had been shallow enough to take it out there to an annoying degree, apologies.

that is why i decided to make the forum, yes?

but indeed, i have seen no one has anything to say about ishiyoshi.

is there anymore to say?

we've all gone to that 'whether it's true or not, i believe they have that special bond' stuff. we won't talk about them like that anymore.

the forums are there, if no one talks, no one will talk.

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