Sunday, June 13, 2010

wow... it's been too long


so i have a holiday tomorrow so i'mma chill out and talk

obviously, i've been terribly inactive since my japan trip and a lot of you have read of some of my feelings of disillusion and anger and frustration

but in the end, the same story of anger and loneliness and frustration and disillusionment was also my greatest moment as an ishiyoshi fan... to see yossui that close, outside an authorized event... to be a fucking criminal in the name of my idols XD

i was sorting out my old notes some days ago when i found my old fanfiction notebook... where 'Runaway from the Past' begun

and i was reminded of the beauty, and sheer awesomeness of Yossy and the point of being an IshiYoshi fan
we live on a crazy and lonely world and in an attempt to find an escape, sometimes, we find solace in the most unlikely things

i found THE PEACE! i was looking for in japanese idols

two japanese idols

who, have been working their asses off,
living their dreams and passions
connecting the world with music and awesomeness
for ten years


what of us, dear fans?

so... with JPH!P ( and HH ( ...

Let's Get That Grassroots campaign to BRING MORE AND MORE HANGRY & ANGRY FANS!!

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