Tuesday, December 1, 2009

tru ponders about: classifying us fans like us

a rather interesting discussion somewhere... so i rants here XD

as i have observed... we have in varying degrees:

Yossui-centered ;

Yossui-Rika rulez and kick ass together but suck or i just don't care when they are apart ;

Yossui-Rika rules and kick as together and apart!!!


i think both all have all sorts of things going on...


people who can't accept ishiyoshi...

people who flip and flip and flip over...

people who accept some/any pairing involving their centered character... very common, i think

people who take ishiyoshi as fanservice

people who see ishiyoshi as a solid friendship

people who take ishiyoshi as a stage partnership

people who will only accept ishiyoshi regardless if they're one-side centered or not... *cough*

so many...


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Beecubed said...

I think I'm "Yossui-Rika rules and kick as together and apart" but more Rika-centred. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Yossie... but I'm always drawn to Rika, despite having no homo tendencies towards her.

I CAN however, accept Charmikitty. Anybody else with Yossie is a big 'hmmm' for me.. I think I want Yossie to belong ONLY to Rika xD