Monday, November 2, 2009

tru talks about stuff... THE NEW ALBUM

i don't know if any of you would agree with me but

KMKM, GIZA2 and Angelia sounded better in the mini-album than the new album

i'll just talk about the Crash Berlin versions, okay?


the 1st verse of KMKM had so much going on already... my sister said it was a total mess... to me, personally, the build-up from the original disappeared and seemed to have been bulldozed by unecessary electronica-sounding instrumentation

the guitar riff in many parts made the rhythm awkward and made the song disjointed, i think


i died upon hearing an acoustic guitar at the intro of GIZA GIZA... like 'WTH happened to the piano?!'

honestly, that piano built the intensity of the song...


Angelia... *sigh*

i don't know what to do with this song... i like the emphasis on the vocals... but the remixing of the instruments was rather... i dunno


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zay05ohayou said...

i agree.. the crash berlin version was just.. -_-" disappointing.. what the heck was that with the guitar on GIZA GIZA? i dont understand what the purpose of this versions are..