Friday, November 20, 2009

guess what arrived in the mail~~!!



Yankii Heart said...

Me wants that too T___T

Well at least the packing shows it is not from YesAsia if not... it would look like a package full of drugs XDDD


I'm gonna go for the lunchbox this time XDDDD

jen said...

good for you~~
i am still looking for someone to help me to buy the album......T_T

tru_harmony said...

*tru looks around*

why do you need help, jen? location? age?

jen said...

location:hong kong
i know i can buy it on yesasia..but the problem is I DONT HAVE A CREDIT CARD!!! and my mom wont lend me hers..cause she said is dangerous to give out the card number in the internet....gah...
that's why. hope you know what i am saying T_T