Wednesday, October 21, 2009

tru is at work and wants to post stuff here...

いしよしワンマンツアー2009秋 音源まとめ

2009.09.12 梨華ちゃん 伊良湖

2009.09.13 梨華ちゃん 伊良湖

2009.09.21 よっすぃ アストロ 昼

2009.09.21 よっすぃ アストロ 夜

2009.09.27 梨華ちゃん STB 2回目

2009.10.03 梨華ちゃん ゲイツ7 昼

2009.10.03 梨華ちゃん ゲイツ7 夜

2009.10.11 よっすぃ STB 1回目

2009.10.11 よっすぃ STB 2回目

2009.10.12 梨華ちゃん フラミンゴ 昼

2009.10.17 よっすぃ ゲイツ7 昼


zay05ohayou said...

Thanks for the links! Now I just need someone to tell me what they're talking about in each part.. ^^"

jen said...

thx for the links~~

Yankii Heart said...

Man... thanks a bunch... that is REALLY something... I like the fact that you are not afraid to SHARE your Ishiyoshi stuff which makes you a really good fan =).

And i'm not saying it because you are my friend, but because I know people who would never share... which is an inmense loss for the fandom and brethen.

L.O.V.E. ... XD

tru_harmony said...

thanks Yankii, but technically these aren't from me either XD

but yeah, i just want to make stuff more accessible to everyone with or without translations because if nobody knows where to get it, nobody can have it and when no one has it... we got nothing ishiyoshi to talk about XD

and it's pretty neat just listening to how yossui and rika would interact with their fans regardless of what they're saying XD

Aisukurimu to mai puri~n