Tuesday, September 15, 2009


the 2ch people were nice enough to post this part of the interview XD http://www.usamusume.com/omake.php?t=hangry
Kimi -- (To Angry) Since you like to eat, do you cook or do you always eat out?

Angry: I can cook. But I'm not very good at it.
Hangry: But I've eaten it before and it was delicious.


trying to earn brownie points, are we?

other shizz i got from that thingy
Stephanie -- How has your been in America? Was the trip okay?

Angry: There is a lot of jet lag. Because of the jet lag I keep eating. (laugh)

Hangry: All the eating makes her angry!

lol... checkout the urban dictionary if you don't know what hangry means


Kimi -- Are there any times you don't get along, and how do you get over it?

Angry: Hmmmm・ We've never fought.

Hangry: Nope, never. We've known each other for so long we really understand each other. It's more like a family.

Angry: She's like my older sister.


*tru gives yossui a pat on the back*

i know what you mean yossui~~~ XD


don't say things you don't mean, rika... please?
remember my sister rant thing before... ?

yeah... i heard something of this sort from sakura -con too


Anonymous said...

ah, thank you for this. I'm not really good at finding 1444 stuff so this makes me really happy/giddy. :D

Sister rant thing?

tru_harmony said...

No problem…

I try to keep breathing on, existing on ishiyoshi

But my real life is kinda eating me away piece by piece…

Makes you wonder how some people keep this thing up… but yeah, as always, I try my best!

Sister rant thing: when I first listened to jphip’s (and bunch of other people’s) interview with h&A, rika said the similar thing… about them being sisters

In keeping with some old teachings written on the barks of trees, I didn’t say the shizz blatantly here… cuz we don’t want to stir the water

Lol, I haven’t even bothered to transcribe the interview

But yeah, I remember mentioning something about it here… I just forgot how, when and the other details necessary to call it a decent memory XD