Saturday, August 8, 2009



i lost one student yesterday!


he was like 'uh, i'll be taking class from different teacher from monday or thursday'
and i was like 'okay'

i'm pissed cuz my boss might shoot my ass on this one again... but i'm relieved cuz i can't stand that student and he's gone~

i'm fine with the advanced students, i'm fine with beginners... what i'm not fine with are arrogant students

first time i met the guy, i did the module starting from stage one... and he was like 'can we skip this part?' obviously thinking that he knew whatever was on stage one already

in my mind, i was like 'uhm... sir.... you do know that two comes AFTER one, like three is after two and so on...?' but i just went like '... uh okay'

so i did stage two and lo and behold the fucker doesn't know what plural means! unfortunately the meaning of the word plural is in stage one YOU STUPID MORON!!

another thing is that he doesn't bring his dictionary to class... you know, those electronic dictionaries that are so damn amazing?

the most advanced students i've handled before wanted to review stage 1 over and over and over, people who have come from America, Japanese law graduates

and then this economics major comes along feeling like he knows English more than me?!

i've been speaking fluently english for probably 15 years, i broadcast in english to people from all over the world, i've written poetry, research papers and a thesis all in english, hell, i blog in english, i've written probably one of the most popular, grammatically inane ishiyoshi fanfiction in english, i've read many sorts of english books, i've travelled to the united states and i have used english in all sorts of situations and i can pronounce SHIRT. GAWD

he can't even pronounce shirt right! he says SHOT! WTH! even my beginners can do better than that! like /shart/ or something...

seriously, i don't care about his money or time, i really don't want to teach him anyway... but in the school, the students can spread bad word about you and make you lose students... *sigh* and make the boss hate you... so that's really what i'm worried about... but i have a witness to my efforts last friday and i wish her testimony could get me another student...

gawd damn that guy...


sorry, y'all caught me in my moment of arrogant rantage...

to people who are humble, i try to be even more humble... cuz i respect humility... but to arrogant people, hell, 'I'M FUCKING WAY MORE ARROGANT THAN YOU!'

and also, he's on my country, not the other way around. aroganteng puta

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Carol said...

i would take your class if I didnt already know english, the first time i read you blog i was quite shocked at how good your english were, i do know all the words and understand it, But not all of us can write or speak with it in our daily lives.
*thumbs up*
I think with students like that you gotta stand firm and show whose the boss You'll get the chance to school these type of people again! Gd luck then