Thursday, April 23, 2009

woah! Rika learned something form daigong!

i think it's true...

in the exclusive interview of H!O with hangry and angry, Angry ends the shizz with:

"It might be hard for us to actually meet, but through the music and the internet I think we have a connection, so please continue to support us."

thanks, H!O...

in JPH!P's interview with h&a daigong said this:

"the internet brings the world together"

... okay...

so he said a lot of other different things too XD but that quote, i quoted directly XD

watch out for the group interview that JPH!P was a part of

that interview is really something...

i think what made them happiest for some moments there was the fact that someone outside japan knows about utadoki XD


they haven't found us after all XD


tune in to the show later...14 hours from now... i think... 9pm here... 8 am EST

i'mma be relaying some shizz from the core, daigong and dinny...

i won't be playing the interview clips no more though XD ... or maybe i will XD

but... they take so much time XD

... but yeah, it's gonna be fun...

and listen to me connect ishiyoshi to the loch ness monster!



the artist i hired to do h&a art for me has ditched me XD

i gotta get someone committed to someone committed to someone committed to me XD

yeah... the vocalist of my band, left us....*sighs*

and i greeted her on my show almost every episode!




"What does JPHIP mean?"

"Jappu, Hippu?"


"Just people, hip, fun...

We love Rika... IshiYoshi..."

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