Tuesday, April 28, 2009

warning: no new info. really

in the boondocks, the best way to keep yourself linked to the world is by watching TV

so i was watching TV the other day and there was this thing there that was saying that Gokusen 3 is ending...

i watched gokusen 1 and 2 but i didn't bother so much with 3 cuz my thesis was on when it began and i don't like it when i can't watch it from the start XD

anyway, there was this short preview clip where yankumi flips a small table

and when i saw it, i was like 'BAKAYAROU!' crazily doing the table flip gesture

also if you recall, rika was once linked with the son of that ex-prime minister... i forgot his name... shucks... anyway, that son of his is one of the actors in gokusen 3... he's the school doctor there, a love interest of yankumi...

also, there is one Sekai Pucchi Moni Games episode where rika was wearing a read tracksuit and eyeglasses, pretty much like what yankumi wears...

so i was like, WOAH

random trivia, nakazawa yuko was on gokusen 1, the school nurse

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