Thursday, April 30, 2009


for some reason, the 2ch thread for h&a has been missing for a couple of days...

and i've been quite preoccupied with the NEW THREADS in DA CHUUCH of CHARMY ^_^

as noticed here and there, there hasn't been enough discussion of Rika and IshiYoshi and H&A (minus the sakuracon) anywhere

like even 'looking back' kinds of threads like fave pix or fave charmy moments or fave anything

i'm gonna be putting the little news that i can get about ishiyoshi in ~The Official IshiYoshi is Love~ thread in jph!p instead of here so that we can put some life back in the thread

the folks who started it put in a good effort and we wanna keep going like that

also, i'm putting the links to wherever on here... some people were asking me for places to start researching... these are the places i check out more often: this is the latest thread ^_^ this will eventually move to another thread so keep your eyes peeled
fun blogs:

those places require japanese reading comprehension but with google translate, folks can get tiny bits and pieces of stuff... i'll check out my favorites folder for more stuff...

this is something i stumbled upon this morning and i can't really spend time reading it all today XD

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