Monday, January 5, 2009

how did you spend the first week of the year ishiyoshily?

see, i come from a very superstitious country..

people here believe that what you do on the first day of the year is what you will mostly be doing for the rest of the year

Not that i really believe this.. but because i want this year to be as ishiyoshi as the half of 2008, i spent my first week ishiyoshily. Yes, the whole week as ishiyoshily as possible.

Before i go into that, i'd say the world had a great christmas because santa brought me the awesomest present: ISHIYOSHI SPENDING CHRISTMAS TOGETHER with some other single people!


the main point is not that they're together. the focal point of this news is that: they're not with elsewho on christmas!

now, it also doesn't matter that they're with a whole bunch of people because the company is good. i'm sure they had lots of fun TOGETHER with the others..

anyway.. back to the ishiyoshily spent week,

i spend my days scouring concerts for materials for my ishiyoshi mixes.. also, trying to play aisu kurimu to mai purin on guitar WHILE dancing...

i tried it a couple of times and i'm pretty sure yossui would've massacred me for slaughtering the dance... but i did try my utmost...

i'm also working on... somethingS!!!

there are asses to kick... and they're huge!

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