Thursday, December 18, 2008

Registration details

Yo yo yo, a shout out to the fans who will make it to Seattle in time for the SakuraCon... the hopeful is envious...


Now at $ 60 to $ 45 SINGLE-DAY MEMBERSHIP RATES (at-door only) One-day tickets. Friday $35 Friday $ 35 Saturday $40 Saturday $ 40 Sunday $30 Sunday $ 30 Fill in this form

of course, i got this shit from 2ch but it's the official shit
i already spent my $60 for the lunchbox and i was in the States early this year (1
2008) so the hopeful is a no-show for this...

you guys can read up more about this at jph!p (or any other h!p forum out there)... i think japanfiles has a thread going on at the Chuuch of Charmy

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