Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yossui: Ayaka,friendship over!
Ayaka: man~
Ayaka: don't do this to me
Yossui: But you spilled the beans on air
Ayaka: come on yocchan
Ayaka: i didn't!!!
Ayaka: what beans
Yossui: the sweetened ones!
Yossui: with the syrup!
Ayaka: you slept over at Rika's place, me too ... and that's the TRUth
Yossui: and now, they're talking about me and'her'
Ayaka: you're being paranoid!
Yossui: the rest of japan doesn't need to know about that sleep over
Yossui: when you left us the first day
Ayaka: yeah.. becos I brought my stupid dog!
Yossui: and i slept in rika's bed... .. .. whoops
Ayaka: wait a minute.... there's nothing between you and Rika right?
Ayaka: WHAT!!!!!
* Ayaka calms herself
Ayaka: well... Rika has a king-size bed
Ayaka: nothing wrong with sharing a bed
Yossui: ...uh.... yeah... very comfy... how was the floor?
Yossui: and the futon?
Ayaka: I was doing Mai on the floor
Ayaka: OOPss!
Yossui: WHAT!?!?!?!?
Yossui: how dare you desacrate my Rika's floor?!?!
Ayaka: there's a futon inbetween
Yossui: !@#$%">@#$%^*!
Ayaka: !@#$%^*^%$">#$%^&^%$#
Ayaka: i can swear longer
Yossui: well, my finger is longer than yours
Ayaka: @Yossui: well, my finger is longer than yours >> LOL WINNER~

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