Tuesday, December 2, 2008

for the faithful only... read at your own risk

all for crazy fun... no flaming or quoting anywhere... please...

I. IshiYoshi is your god, who kept you within H!P fandom for a long time even when you’re no longer held by their music/image,/personalities/etc in slavery; you shall have no other pairing fandom before Ishiyoshi. You may make yourself an idol of them, in form of anything that is on your ceiling above, or on/beside your desktop/ laptop beneath, or that is anywhere in your room. You may by all means bow down to worship them.

II. You shall not make wrongful use of the name of IshiYoshi your god.

III. Observe their anniversary and birthdays and keep them holy, even though IshiYoshi your god has no idea you exist.

IV. Honor your father and your mother, as it is their money that you are using to buy merchandise to support IshiYoshi, so that your days may be filled with memorabilia and whatnot and songs that IshiYoshi your god has given you.

V. You shall not kill other IshiYoshi fans.

VI. You shall not make either of them commit adultery by writing fics of them with the ‘others’

VII. You shall not steal fanart and fanfics from your brethren.

VIII. Neither shall you bear false witness against IshiYoshi. There is something going on between them. Period.

IX. Neither shall you covet either of them through your fics. The Ishi belongs to the Yoshi and vice versa. You can’t be boyfriend to either of them.

X. You may desire to covet Ishiyoshi's stuff, seriously. If Ishiyoshi endorses Adidas and you like a bag from that store, buy it. That means the endorsement is working. IshiYoshi might bag a couple more endorsements for that.


Yankii Heart said...

Awesome 10 Commandments XD!!!

zay05ohayou said...

Wow.. u really made one.. =O
R u gonna use the stone tablets i gave u? ;P

tru_harmony said...

yeah...as soon as i find a decent chisel here...