Sunday, December 14, 2008


i now this is a bit too early... but i might not get the chance to do this later this week... so better early than never...

Check out the pre-xmas special episode


Japanime1 said...

If you were a radio-station or whatever, I'd tune in every night. XDD

Japanime1 said...

Seriously,...even though it was like 11 AM here when I listened to it all, I hope you make more.

Listening to all that is IshiYoshi really made my morning/afternoon very relaxing. (^^)

I love them too much, but that's an understatement of how me I (we-all other followers) love them. lol.

tru_harmony said...

Any song requests?

Yankii Heart said...

You are so freaking CUTEEE!!!
You have a very kawaii voice XD
Nice program by the way.

About song request:
Mr. Moonlight (for obvious reasons)
Ai Suite Room (Charmy's voice is adorable on this song)

Japanime1 said...

Oh I'd definitely love those requests as well!!! <3

Oh and "Aisu Cream to My Pudding"
You know the reasons...

LOL. Anyways, Please and THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

That was something new...for me,interesting audioblog...nice voice ^^
can a lurker ask for something? >.<
well I was lurking again(xD)this time satoda's blog:yossui pic,not rika in there but mai did mention her lol, dont know what she said and I want to know just in case is something ishiyoshi related XDD so if you could translate it will be greatly appreciated (quiero salir de dudas)
song request:Romantic ni violence and I second the Mr.moonligth request :3

tru_harmony said...

thank y'all for your feedback...


but the next episode is gonna be a christmas special...

anyway, i'll play your songs on air as soon as it fits the episode!

@anonymous, i'll look into it as soon as i can. and if it is ishiyoshi related, you will hear it from me!

thanks again!

Japanime1 said...

I just finished listening to your xmas special. lol.

It's great...really got me into the Christmas spirit...even though christmas is still a week and a half away...and considering I live in FL...XDD
I'll be looking forward to more.