Thursday, November 6, 2008



i just watched the PV three times

i love their guitars: Gibsons! those are hella expansive and i can only dream of having those...

SG on Yossui and (as mentioned earlier) Les Paul on Rika

is it appropriate that Yossui gets the h o r n(y)e d guitar?

why is hAngry the angry looking one?

Angry is so damn cute... damn...

that close-to-the-end shot of Rika flinging the plushie to the cam was caute

that one with the flinging the plushi over head was sexxxy i think... (*related visual i've seen before*)

if the hair wasn't such a bother, they should headbang more...

their strums are kinda off-time...

and rika looks weird doing it... guess that's what the director asked for...

they should've animated the characters... i looks gay with just the still pics appearing/disappearing...

thinking about the tab and stuff, the song can stand on one guitar... so it's really weird how both of them are holding guitars AND there's a third guitarist in the back doing all the "real" work

i give it a 98/10

the 90 points coming from the fact that they are IshiYoshi

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