Friday, November 14, 2008

The Bloody Chamber (Mystery)


this is the fic-sort-of-song...

This is an official warning. Once approved by my superiors here, this work will be copyrighted even before you can spell my whole real name (middle name included). Plagiarism is a no-no for this one. I don't want to sue anybody here. I'm serious. I trust you people enough. Please don't do anything stupid.

The Bloody Chamber (Mystery)

Your gentle hands
And chaste kisses send me to slumber
Drowning my senses with fantasy

Innocence is foregone
The dream of you
Wishes to become a reality

Temptation is sweet

But the smile on your lips is a mask
Your tenderness was false
Your eyes told me lies
I know but I cannot resist
Freedom is to lie in your embrace
Your embrace is the prison where I belong

Like feathers on an angel's wings
Gently cradling me in your arms

But shackles of steel
As cold as your heart
Bind me in your lust

Show me your true face
Reveal to me your mystery
Take me to your bloody chamber

Let the flame between your lips consume me
Set me ablaze with desire
Let the lashes open wounds that long for you
Let your warmth flow through this vessel
There is no heaven sweeter

This hell is my sanctuary
Your love, my prison
Bind me, it's my freedom.

Strike me with that vicious hand that holds my soul
Imprison me in that chamber of chains

Pain is pleasure
Love is suffering

Show me you true face
Reveal to me your mystery
Take me to your bloody chamber


Japanime1 said...

WOO~ THAT WAS AWESOME! So you're officially going to record (or are you already recording?) this?? Whenever you're all finished, I'd like to hear it. (^^)b great stuff.

tru_harmony said...

hopefully, it will be in our second album...

i wrote this with hangry and angry in mind...

so, yes, this is yossui speaking...

and rika whooping yossui's ass...