Thursday, October 2, 2008


I was watching yo-yo cop girl (again... for the nth time) last night befroe going to sleep when my sister suddenly came down and 'watched' with me... good thing she came around in the last 20 minutes of the movie because the whole time she was 'watching' the movie, every second that rika would appear she would criticize rika...

i'm like, what the f***?! if you don't want to watch, go away!

and she's like, 'i was bored... there's nothing else to do...'
(i sleep in the living room now, btw...)

list of things she said about rika:

fake smile
not-perfect teeth (WTH?!)
too-huge ass
fake boobs
poor acting
forced bitchiness
funny costume
thick make up

and she said these things over and over...
gawd, she made my ears bleed...

'your existence is repulsive!!!'

wish i can just slap that bitch around...
rika just happens to be one of the hottest, sexxxiest, most beautiful girls in the world
(only second to you, baby...) hahaha... just had to add that in...

how can anyone not find this^ hot?

man... sis made me want to throw the TV at her...

she's lucky the damn thing's too heavy... and i'm too tired...

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