Tuesday, October 14, 2008

hangry and angry

after less the than 48 hours, the myspace has already made 35,000+ hits... amazing how much excitement these two can stir up...

was talking to a brethren last night about this... of course, we were feeling vindicated that people are starting to realize something we've known a long time: the voices of these two really sound good together... and you can't just give credit to virtuoso or what not... it's pure chemistry...

come together should've given you a hint on that...

anyway... i'm not gonna go on with my "i'm the oracle of Delta ek ek..."

so... ... i read somewhere that allegedly yossui asked tsunku-san if he could pair herself and rika in a new puccimoni gen... obviously, he said no...

if this is true, EAT YOUR HEART OUT TSUNKU!!!


discussion trends so far:
  • wow, so awesome
  1. i like look
  2. i like sound
  • wow, so awesome... but...
  • i wish it was *********** instead of **********
  • wth does hangry mean?
  • ... what's that english part say?
  • poor things
  • ^GAH! hater!
  • wth are they wearing?
  • ISHIYOSHI<<3333333>
  • better than *** (insert other duo name)

i wonder what ishiyoshi themselves will say about the new project... will they promote this on TV? ... i somewhat doubt that since this is street culture... do counter-cultures make it to mainstream media in japan?

i wish they'd wear more outfits... so my bandmates and i can get ideas... LOL

finally, something i can use to force ishiyoshi into my bandmates consciousness... HAHAHAHAH

of course, not everybody is ~HA-PPY~...

there is an old hangry and angry band... dunno if they've disbanded... guess so... or else the ishiyoshi one wouldn't be...

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