Thursday, September 11, 2008

this is what this means!

so... there's this one guy at a forum who attempted to interpret yossui's glyphs LOL ...

i have my own interpretation... so here it goes:

1. I took are zoooooper close up picture of Rika-chan. See? You can see her blushing! Kawaii~ne?
2. I rode my bike out to her place the other night. And I slept over.

3. We went out to a field the other day. She wore my uniform. It looked tight on her (boobs, hips and butt, man!) but super hot... She should wear my clothes more often...

4. We have so many pictures together...
a. But it doesn't matter when or where they were taken, what matter's is we're in love with each other

b. Most of them, you've never seen and you'll never see! But, yes fans, ISHIYOSHI is the real deal!

5. btw, her new digital PB is coming out. Not really asking you to buy it 'cause everything there's supposed to be exclusive to me. But then again, we need our bread and butter, don't we?

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