Saturday, September 13, 2008


this is one of those random highschool moment fics... totally pointless too...

pure fantasy, if i may say so myself...


Hitomi sought for Rika's lips as her fingers pumped under the tight mini skirt.

Rika hung on to her partner's neck as her knees collapsed. She bit her lip hard to keep the moans stifled. If anyone finds them here and now, it will be the end for both of them.

Hitomi didn't seem to care as she bit Rika's ear, as if provoking her to produce a sound.

Rika's black blazer and the white blouse hung on the tip of the mop handle. Hitomi hung it there.

The black stockings were getting soaked from the juices that flowed from between Rika's legs.

Each thrust was more intense and came quicker after the last one. A moan escaped as Rika lost all strength to Hitomi's touch.

Rika buried her head in Hitomi's chest as she climaxed.

"You... better get back to class..." Rika said between pants of breath as she leaned against the empty wall of the janitor's closet.

"You sure about that?" Hitomi asked, worried about the dissheveled state she's leaving Rika in.

"Don't worry about me. It's your math class now, right?"

"Yeah." Hitomi smoothed down the creases on her brown blazer and fixed her tie.

Rika reached for her eye glasses from one of the shelves. "Just go. I'll see you later."

Hitomi leaned down and kissed the shorter woman. "You're the reason i don't regret going back to school. See you in English, Ishikawa-sensei..."


Japanime1 said...

That wasn't pointless at all to me...XD

Gahhhh is this just a one-shot?? X3
...sensei...the end actually made me go "omg! XD"

tru_harmony said...

... i got the idea from H!M

frimmed up, ne~?

I might go for the random incidents type fic. as in totally non-sequential, no tight bigger plot "series"

... like cartoon network stuff...

zay05ohayou said...

lol "ishikawa-sensei" XD its like one of those highschool fantasies that students get when seeing a hot teacher..