Wednesday, September 17, 2008

... maybe...?

Sometime in 2007...

Rika sat comfortably between Yossui's thighs on the soft office chair. Only the glare from the monitor provided light to the room as the lovers surfed the internet.

Yossui had her arms around Rika's waist to keep her hands on the keyboard and her chin on her lover's shoulder to see the monitor.

Rika was still getting the hang of checking out websites, she was also careful in clicking links as they may lead to virus-infected sites and wreck her lover's computer. Yossui would be devastated if a trojan managed to penetrate her PC.

"Let's check out the stuff they post about you, Rika-chan..." Yossui nimbly typed Rika's name on google and waited for the search results. The search engine quickly fetched links to picture loaders from all over the world wide web and the difficulty laid in choosing which to open first.

Yossui pointed to a link on screen. "There, click on that one..."

Rika obediently complied to the orders of Morning Musume's leader. She was more knowledgable of these things anyway.

The web page opened, loading one by one pictures of Rika from their concerts.

Even without seeing Yossui's face, Rika knew that her Hicchan wasn't pleased at all. Her hand left the mouse and held on Yossui's.

"I didn't think they would take pictures of you like this..." Yossui mumbled from behind Rika.

"Hicchan... that's just part of--"

"your job. I know." Yossui quickly pulled her hand away from Rika and attempted to get up. But with Rika in the way, she knew it was close to impossible. To her surprise, Rika stood up and gave her room to leave the chair.

"Hicchan...we've talked about this before, haven't we?"

"I know... but... can't we have our secrets kept to oursleves?" Yossui approached Rika and wrapped an around her waist. "I know... all this is mine...", referring to Rika's body. "Especially this..." She raised a hand and rested it on Rika's heart. "You are my secret... and I don't want people seeing you in ways that I'm the only one entitled to see... ... ... and besides... you're not really like that... ... can't your performances just be fun? ... like in Gatas?"

Rika gently caressed and brushed the fringe of hair that draped over Yossui's handsome face. With a soft smile, she tiptoed to kiss Yossui. "I'll see what I can do..."


"Have you heard?"


"They said, it was Rika-chan who asked for the disbandment..."

"No way! Why would she give up a unit where she's lead everything?"

"Maybe she's confident that a solo career would be better for her..."

"No way, man. She's like total leader dictator in Viyuuden... I'd believe you if you said the two girls wanted out..."

"That's just what I heard"

"She left Morning Musume for Viyuuden...There's absolutely no reason why she would want to have Viyuuden disbanded. There's absolutely no reason at all..."

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