Monday, August 4, 2008

random rants and ramblings

after being away from IshiYoshi for more or less three days (no laptop, no PDA, no cellphone, no iPod) I had a bit of time to think about my fandom...

my professor in my popular culture class said that media personalities aren't real people... that who we think they are aren't who they really are... they're just products, she said... and that because they aren't real people, what fans feel about them aren't real either...

Is my love for IshiYoshi not real?

Of course, because this IS and IshiYoshi blog that's still up and running, I think whatever I feel for and about them is real... because they've become concepts to me... I think they've transcended that level of being (realness and unrealness)...

They represent something to me beyond themselves... I'm miles away and I don't know what's happening in their lives but whatever they represent to me, I believe in that... in turn, I believe in them.

i can't articulate my thoughts right now... the citydump melted my brain with its toxic fumes... *sigh*

~~~~~~~~~~~~CHARMY PREVAILS!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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